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Happy 1st Father’s Day

June 15th, 2008 sally

IMG_0414 So Chris get’s to celebrate his first Father’s Day today–after he opened Tom’s gifts (a tie, a knife, a blender/chopper, and a new coffee carafe), we made coffee and went and sat in Trish and Sandy’s ‘cold-tub’. A perfect Father’s Day morning. Chris liked all his pressies–Tom went a bit overboard as he felt bad that Chris only get’s to celebrate once a year whereas I get to celebrate both British Mother’s Day and American Mother’s Day. After coffee in the cool-tub it was back to reality. Chris has just finished mowing the lawn and cleaning the kitchen.

I haven’t posted for a long time so I’m trying to think of all the things that have been going on in the past couple of months. Tom has started to cruise around the house like a pro. He’s pulling himself up on everything: the sofa, the coffee table, Jack and Mickey. He’s also blabbering a lot more but the only words he consistently says are ‘dog’ and ‘Jack’. Anything with four legs is a dog or “Dack”. He attempts to mimic words so Chris and I are trying to cut down on the naughty language–I don’t know why we bother as a certain relative (on Chris’ side, of course) gets great pleasure in trying to get Tom to say bizarre stuff. I really don’t want to have to report on this website that his first words were “numb nuts”.

IMG_0656On the minor accident front, he’s had his first big bruise falling from the window seat in his room and head-butting the floor before I could grab him. We put him in the England Rugby shirt that Katie and Dale brought back from their trip home and he looked like a right bruiser. The photo I sent to Grandma to thank her for a shirt was received with a mildly panicked reaction. When I talked to her on the phone she admitted that her first thought of seeing the photo was “Oh God, I’ve got a cock-eyed Great Grandson”. She was rather relieved when she read the note that told of me dropping him on his head.

IMG_0428Tom’s also become quite the regular at our local bar, Nomads. It’s a nice little neighborhood place that reminds me a bit of the atmosphere in a pub–local neighbors and friends hanging out without the express intention of getting drunk (not to say that it doesn’t happen unintentionally).

Tom is still having a blast at his daycare. His best friend is Mark and he’s really into his teachers, Deanna and Donna.  They are down to earth and really easy-going. The only time they complain is when Tom eats all the fries in their Happy Meals. Talking of food, we have yet to find anything that Tom does not like to eat. He has tried Mexican, Thai, and Indian curries and doesn’t even flinch. We’re going to try him on black pudding and luncheon tongue when we go to England in September–surely he won’t like that.

Chris and Tom

June 15th, 2008 chris

Chris and TomThis was my birthday… We were at South Padre Island with our friends Debbie, Carl and their two little girls. We had an absolute blast, eating, drinking, swimming, and sleeping!

Tom and Sally

June 15th, 2008 chris

Tom and Sally profile I’ve long thought (well, for at least the last 11 months) that Tom and Sally share the same profile. While not exactly the same, it is nice to look at. I think Tommy and Sally like each other.

The Marine Crawl

April 1st, 2008 chris

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Tom’s been working at this for sometime, but now he has finally gotten the hang of it and is moving fast towards crawling, walking and running. First thing we realized was that the most interesting thing he could find was the dog bowls. Oh, and if you have your speakers on, you can hear what has happened to this old marine as he has turned from a salty-leatherneck to a dorky-dad.

The writer strike is over…at

April 1st, 2008 chris

There is lots of Tommy news to share with you all since the last post. Here is a quick wrap up of his last 4 months…

• Holiday in sunny San Diego, California + bonus trip to the zoo!
• A total of 5 baby teeth
• Holiday in Las Vegas, Nevada
• Long weekend at Granddaddy Lepard’s in Scottsdale, Arizona
• First accident report from school ;-(
• Marine crawl across the living room
• 2 mullet trims
• 2 ear infections + 3 visits to the Doctor
• First Easter egg hunt
• Visit from Grandma & Grandpa Johnson
• Hanging out with Uncle Shawn
• Trip to Houston to see Katie & Dale
• Becoming a regular at the new local pub, Nomad
• Eating real, human food
• Drinking from a sippy cup & the dog bowl
• Told ‘No’ for the first time

Seems as thought we have enough to write a novel, but since I only pay my writer only a warm home cooked meal every now and then, I guess I get what I pay for. Well, it’s a new month and now that I have started to cook again I am hoping I can get the writer back at it! There are lots of pictures, videos, and funny stories to come. In a few weeks, my lovely cousins from Albuquerque are coming to Austin to pay a visit. Come May, us Partard’s are heading down to the beaches of Padre with Trominski crew. July it’s wedding time in Albuquerque for my little sister Brittany, and loads of birthday parties!

For now, all I can give you is this little rant, and few photos… until next time!

Two front teeth

February 15th, 2008 sally

   The night before we took Tom on his first flight I discovered his first tooth. The next morning there were two of them. I’m excited to announce that they are growing in crooked-nothing wrong with wearing your British heritage with pride!!

For your enjoyment: British smug Tom and British Boarding School Tom:IMG_2020IMG_2021

Rambling Update

February 15th, 2008 sally

Again, I’ve gone far too long without updating the site. So here is a quick recap of the past couple of months taken from notes that I jot down for when I finally get around to updating the site:He is eating everything put in front of him—apples, pears, bananas, sweet potato, carrots, green beans, peas, peaches. I’ve gotten over gagging when he gets it all over his face—no need to worry there will not be any photos of Tom with food smashed all over his fisog. He opens his mouth when he wants another bite and he likes to take the spoon away from us and do it himself. I started off saying please and thank you with every spoonful to try and indoctrinate him with some manners but that got old really fast. Sierra, Krystal, and Jennifer have somehow trained him to giggle like a maniac every time one of them says “meat”. After steering clear of McDonalds for over 20 years, I see Happy Meals in my future. Other things that make him laugh include: looking at himself in the middle, being bounced up and down, playing airplane, watching anything being thrown up and down, and Trish.
On the weekends, we set up the house like a mini-fitness training circuit. He sure does like to bounce and kick around a lot but he gets frustrated with crawling. He can spin like around like a cast-member of Breakin’ 2-Electric Boogaloo and is a master of scooting backward but the efficient forward crawl seems to be an effort.
He’s taking a lot more interest in the dogs lately—follows them around and if they are play-fighting, he’ll even stop eating to check them out. So I’m thinking he’ll be a vet or organize dog fights for a living.
On the rare occasion that he does get cranky, he still calms down to the tune of “My Bonnie” with the words changed to “My Tommy”. We’re a bit sick of it, but it works.

Here he is with his Christmas booty:


Clem’s here

October 13th, 2007 sally


For the past couple of weeks or so, we (me, Chris, and Uncle Ginger Queen) have been musing over how Clem would handle hanging out with a baby. As a former babyphobe, I empathized with his dilemma over not wanting to be rude but not really feeling the need to interact with a mini-human. We wondered if he’d ever held a baby before and how long it would take for him to hold Tom. After a few tequilaritas, he took the plunge:

Paul Potts – Evil dictator who killed thousands?

August 24th, 2007 chris

Or talent contest winner that shows how bizarre British pop culture can be?

Who Nose…

July 14th, 2007 chris

…Maybe I will update this site soon!
Jack’s Nose