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Happy 1st Father’s Day

IMG_0414 So Chris get’s to celebrate his first Father’s Day today–after he opened Tom’s gifts (a tie, a knife, a blender/chopper, and a new coffee carafe), we made coffee and went and sat in Trish and Sandy’s ‘cold-tub’. A perfect Father’s Day morning. Chris liked all his pressies–Tom went a bit overboard as he felt bad that Chris only get’s to celebrate once a year whereas I get to celebrate both British Mother’s Day and American Mother’s Day. After coffee in the cool-tub it was back to reality. Chris has just finished mowing the lawn and cleaning the kitchen.

I haven’t posted for a long time so I’m trying to think of all the things that have been going on in the past couple of months. Tom has started to cruise around the house like a pro. He’s pulling himself up on everything: the sofa, the coffee table, Jack and Mickey. He’s also blabbering a lot more but the only words he consistently says are ‘dog’ and ‘Jack’. Anything with four legs is a dog or “Dack”. He attempts to mimic words so Chris and I are trying to cut down on the naughty language–I don’t know why we bother as a certain relative (on Chris’ side, of course) gets great pleasure in trying to get Tom to say bizarre stuff. I really don’t want to have to report on this website that his first words were “numb nuts”.

IMG_0656On the minor accident front, he’s had his first big bruise falling from the window seat in his room and head-butting the floor before I could grab him. We put him in the England Rugby shirt that Katie and Dale brought back from their trip home and he looked like a right bruiser. The photo I sent to Grandma to thank her for a shirt was received with a mildly panicked reaction. When I talked to her on the phone she admitted that her first thought of seeing the photo was “Oh God, I’ve got a cock-eyed Great Grandson”. She was rather relieved when she read the note that told of me dropping him on his head.

IMG_0428Tom’s also become quite the regular at our local bar, Nomads. It’s a nice little neighborhood place that reminds me a bit of the atmosphere in a pub–local neighbors and friends hanging out without the express intention of getting drunk (not to say that it doesn’t happen unintentionally).

Tom is still having a blast at his daycare. His best friend is Mark and he’s really into his teachers, Deanna and Donna.  They are down to earth and really easy-going. The only time they complain is when Tom eats all the fries in their Happy Meals. Talking of food, we have yet to find anything that Tom does not like to eat. He has tried Mexican, Thai, and Indian curries and doesn’t even flinch. We’re going to try him on black pudding and luncheon tongue when we go to England in September–surely he won’t like that.

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  1. Grandma Linda Says:
    June 25th, 2008 at 4:06 am

    Loved the latest entry Sally. Your writing is so humorous that I think even those who do not know how wonderful and handsome Tom is,would be entertained. I tend to agree with your great grandma about the cock-eyed grandson picture. Before I read what happened I was wondering what happened to this perfect grandson. The bruiser!

    He possibly takes after his dad since his nickname as a 3 year old was “incredible hulk”. Shawn gave him this name because he kept on going no matter how severe the pain or fear he might have.

    However, I seem to remember a story about Tom’s mom playing English football in her bloomers.Seems that Tommy may have a bit of the bruiser in his blood!

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