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Coffee Roasting Experiment #1

This is not my first time doing my own coffee roasting, but it is the first time in over 4 years. I bought a Popcorn Pumper (TM), and had good success with it those years ago so I thought it would be fun to try again. This time, I have allotted myself a full 8lbs 16lbs of a good mixture of different ‘green’ beans to play with. Also, I have given myself the strict rule that if I buy, I gotta drink it and not spend money on starcrups. Besides the occasional excursion with my co-workers, I have managed to stay away from the latte. I buy the green beans from Sweet Maria’s who has a quite a good selection of coffees, and has gone the extra mile to test and write about each of the beans they sale. Not just a broker of coffees, these people actually love what they do. Sweet Maria’s also provides tons of documentation to help the newbie roaster along.

I have to admit that I have had a few that I did not care for, but I won’t mention those. Instead, I will list the ones that I have tried and liked. I still have a lot to try, but I have found a few that I would love to get a back up supply of. My favorite regular coffees (non-espresso) are:

  • Rwanda Duhingekawa Women’s Cooperative - First time I had this was from a ‘clover’ coffee maker. Ever since having this delicious cup of coffee, I have been in search of it. Drinking this coffee gave me the ambition to start roasting again. I am glad I did. It has a distinctive aroma & flavor that is hard for me to describe other than great. It is best roasted right to a City Roast. Not taking it to a Full City + roast means that it doesn’t get the oily & beautiful finish to it, which is so visually appealing to me. Roasted a bit lighter, it keeps the caramelized sugary taste and offers a wonderful fruity aroma. City Roast definitely doesn’t mean a lighter taste or lighter in caffeine, just an altogether different taste.
  • Colombia Cauca -Finca El RobleI have never been quite fond of Colombian coffee, mainly because it is so abundant. However, this coffee is delicious. It basically has a the classic coffee taste, but with a little something extra to it. Great morning coffee. Roasted to Full City+ gives it that lovely sheen, and opens up the deep flavor.

Here is the list of coffees I have that I have not yet tried:

Anyway, it’s been fun making it again. I have made a few batches for the neighbors, all of which have enjoyed the free coffee. I am not sure that I am ready to start a mass roasting business, but I enjoy making and sharing it!

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