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Tom Swims, reads, and more

On Friday, Sally and I packed up the dogs, the cat, and Tom and headed for Houston for a weekend with Katie and Dale. Tom does good in the car, rarely cries or moans… we think so anyways, as we wouldn’t really know given the volume of the radio. We usually listen to podcast versions of This American Life, it makes the time fly.

In Houston, we enjoyed a lovely weekend of relaxation and laziness. Drinks by the pool, followed by a dip in the pool. Tom squealed with delight as I spun him round and round in the pool. On Saturday evening we went to the Grand Lux Cafe to celebrate Katie’s birthday. Katie and I kept Tom happy by feeding him star shaped baby cereal. Dinner was great. Sunday was much like Saturday, but with an inching conclusion that we would need to go home at some point.

On Saturday, I spent some time making another video… while Katie did some photography. Here’s some of our work:

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