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Rambling Update

Again, I’ve gone far too long without updating the site. So here is a quick recap of the past couple of months taken from notes that I jot down for when I finally get around to updating the site:He is eating everything put in front of him—apples, pears, bananas, sweet potato, carrots, green beans, peas, peaches. I’ve gotten over gagging when he gets it all over his face—no need to worry there will not be any photos of Tom with food smashed all over his fisog. He opens his mouth when he wants another bite and he likes to take the spoon away from us and do it himself. I started off saying please and thank you with every spoonful to try and indoctrinate him with some manners but that got old really fast. Sierra, Krystal, and Jennifer have somehow trained him to giggle like a maniac every time one of them says “meat”. After steering clear of McDonalds for over 20 years, I see Happy Meals in my future. Other things that make him laugh include: looking at himself in the middle, being bounced up and down, playing airplane, watching anything being thrown up and down, and Trish.
On the weekends, we set up the house like a mini-fitness training circuit. He sure does like to bounce and kick around a lot but he gets frustrated with crawling. He can spin like around like a cast-member of Breakin’ 2-Electric Boogaloo and is a master of scooting backward but the efficient forward crawl seems to be an effort.
He’s taking a lot more interest in the dogs lately—follows them around and if they are play-fighting, he’ll even stop eating to check them out. So I’m thinking he’ll be a vet or organize dog fights for a living.
On the rare occasion that he does get cranky, he still calms down to the tune of “My Bonnie” with the words changed to “My Tommy”. We’re a bit sick of it, but it works.

Here he is with his Christmas booty:


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