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OK, OK, I’m a bad parent…

…not because I laughed at how loud Tom cried this morning after getting four shots, or because I added to the misery by banging his head on the car door as we were leaving the doctors, or even because I proceeded to drop him off at day care so I could go shopping in peace. No, I’m a bad parent because I have not updated this website in almost two months–and a lot has happened in two months. My grandma visited from England and my Aunty visited from New Zealand. We had a brilliant Thanksgiving here at the house with US and UK representation. Grandpa Larry stopped by for a short, but fun visit, and we’re about to embark on our holiday travels to see family and friends in Dallas and Oklahoma before heading home for Christmas Day.

The latest “Question of the Week” is ‘so, what’s Tom doing now?’ To which, the honest answer is ‘not a lot’. But, to new parents, every little thing is worthy of a News at Ten broadcast. We are lucky to have a son who sleeps from 8pm until we wake him up 7am. He entertains us around 6 am with a hearty round of cooing and babbling to himself before dozing off again. He goes to sleep smiling and wakes up grinning. This month he has started to laugh out loud and roll over. He’s soooo much more interesting than his first two months on earth.  During the day, he is looked after by Donna and Deanna at daycare. They spoil him but I’m also confident that they’ll take no messing if he was ever to be too naughty.

Here’s a collection of photos-I’ll get Chris to post more soon. Enjoy!


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  1. I laughed at you laughing…

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