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Sod’s Law

Last night, Tom slept for 8 hours. A feat that should have resulted in me having my first complete nights sleep in almost a year. Being pregnant meant at least 2 trips to the loo each evening, and since Tom has been here, either Chris or I have got up at least once in the night—and even if it’s not our turn, we still tend to wake up and have a bit of a chat. But, no, last night my body decided that it had no desire for sleep. Perhaps it was that cup of tea that I drank too late in the evening. Perhaps it was me slipping back into work mode and beginning to strategize for my return. Or, perhaps, it was the fact that today was Tom’s first day at daycare. I’m guessing it’s the latter. I felt almost as nervous as when I started Codsall High School…but not as nervous as when I got dropped off at Stratford High School in Houston and realized that students drove their cars to school. And lots of them drove porsches.

So, this morning, Chris and I get Tom ready, snap a few piccies and drive to his daycare (just down the street). We turn in the paperwork, meet his teacher, Laurie, and drop off his supplies. I’m doing really well until, on the drive back home, for every positive point I stress, Chris has a retort.

Me: I liked how she picked him up when he started to moan a bit

Chris: That’s only because we were there

Me: He seemed to like that swing

Chris: How many kids do you think use that thing?

Me: I think he’ll be fine

Chris (pretending to be Tom): I know you don’t have to work until next week. I know you’re just abandoning me here so you can go home and have fun. You’re a big meanie.

Guilt strikes and I become a stereotypical mum who goes out and buys 50 lottery tickets in the hope that luck will strike and she can stay home. Thanks a bunch, Chris.

I’ll admit I did have fun trying out the new gym and taking the doggies for a walk without having to juggle a baby and both of them. And now I’m off to have lunch with Ervin, and then a trip to the library, and to Target, and the post office. Then, I’ll let my guilt takeover and go rescue poor Tom!


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