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Here comes Halloween


A mini-cold front hit Austin last week. This meant we were able to get Tom dressed up in some warm clothes that we thought he would grow out of before having a chance to wear. He’s massive. Here he is ready for school:


Last Wednesday, Trish and Sandy hosted a neighborhood pumpkin party. The local firemen showed up to entertain the kids. Tom didn’t seem too bothered, but Michael, a friend from work, was pushing youngsters out of the way so that he could get inside the truck:


Tonight, Trish and Sandy came over and I carved my first pumpkin. We had visions of taking photos of Tom surrounded by all of our carving efforts, but he got bored and went to bed before we’d carved a single one. No worries. We had a couple of glasses of limoncello and set to work. Tomorrow, we’ll have a photo shoot, but for now, here’s my first attempt at pumpkin-carving:

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  1. Great first pumpkin for Tom

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