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So, one of the things that stuck in my mind when I was inundated with baby advice over the past nine months was to make sure that Tom became attached to a toy or blanket that was easily replaceable. I think the reason this comment stuck with me is because I’m still traumatized by losing my little red teddy during a visit to the local Codsall shops when I was young. I think Katie and my neighbor Edna searched high and low for a replacement.

So, I had already selected a blue doggie toy for Tom. It was cute without being too cute and it was readily replaceable at Target.

But, no, Tom decided that he really really liked the blanket with a little dog’s head (that kind of looks like Mickey). Of course, this was a pressie from the Shorties all the way from England.

Therefore, it is now superglued to Tom’s hands so there is no way it can disappear.

Tom Smiles

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  1. cute kid, congratulations sally & chris.

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