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Is it wrong to Febreeze your baby?

tommy stinks

Today was a good day…until 5 minutes before Sierra and Melanie were due to arrive to go over some work stuff. Tom decided to gurgle his milk rather than swallow it and now he smells like a, well like a baby. Yuk.

So, Febreeze to the rescue. Is that wrong?

He smells so fresh now.

One Response to “Is it wrong to Febreeze your baby?”

  1. I think that’s just damn good parenting. Then again, I found this from my journal last April:


    of “Febreezing” my child before we went to have dinner with Maggie and Adam. She had been at the park with Frank and smelled like a sweaty little boy. What? I covered her eyes before I sprayed the Febreeze and told her, “turn, turn.” And then she smelled like crisp linen.

    Crisp linen is better than sweat and/or urp, any day of the week. And don’t let those “naturalists” and anti-chemical-ists convince you otherwise.

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